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The Unseen - Kelsey Cross I have been following Kelsey’s writing for a little while now and was super pleased to hear she had published an ebook of short stories. I purchased it immediately and was not disappointed. Kelsey is a fantastic writer and these stories were no exception. They had great detail and emotion in them that left you feeling as though you were present with the main characters. There are a total of seven short stories that take you all over the world and to all different situations. They can easily be read in one sitting and the themes are very relatable. My favorite story was the second one, Beyond the Ever Reaching Tree. It is about a young princess in a far away kingdom who is tricked by her father and, after being held captive by the supposed enemy, learns about the lies she has been told.I give this book 4 stars for awesome writing, creativity, and captivating stories.Can’t wait to read more from you, Kels!